Barcode-Lib4J – Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for Barcode-Lib4J, the open-source barcode library for Java.

Quick Links:

  • To learn how to create and draw 1D barcodes, please refer to the Barcode class description.
  • For instructions on creating and drawing 2D codes, see the TwoDCode class description.
  • For GS1 barcodes, refer to setContent for GS1-128 and setContent for GS1 QR Code and GS1 DataMatrix to learn how to properly provide GS1 structured data.
  • See the ImageCreator class description to learn how to store barcodes in vector and raster images.
Includes classes for exporting 1D and 2D barcodes to vector (PDF, EPS, SVG) and raster (PNG, BMP, JPG) image formats.
Includes the 1D barcode classes.
Includes the 2D code classes.