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May 24, 2024 – Barcode-Lib4J, Version 2.0.0
May 3, 2024 – Barcode Forge, Version 6.91
Barcode Forge ➔ Barcode Label Software
  • For desktop and label printers, as well as all printers with Windows drivers
  • Prints roll, continuous, thermal transfer labels, A4 label sheets, stickers, foils, plastic cards, etc.
  • Includes all common 1D and 2D barcodes (Code 128, DataMatrix, QR Code, EAN, Code 39, 2 of 5 Interleaved, GS1-128 + DataMatrix, etc.)
  • Allows data import from Excel, Access, ODBC, CSV, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle
  • Provides hundreds of layouts from Avery, Herma, Brother, Dymo, and other manufacturers
  • Supports dynamic graphics for price tags, identity cards, etc.
  • Offers a flexible serial number function with comprehensive options
  • Features a special print mode: Single print "On Demand"
  • Includes a built-in PDF printer with barcode-compliant precision
  • Follows a simple principle, enabling quick familiarization. Ensures high barcode quality and readability
  • Provides a Label Printing API for integration into ERP, CRM, WaWi, warehouse management, etc.
  • Incorporates numerous other functions that have evolved over the years based on customer requests and direct user feedback from the software's productive use
Barcode Vectorizer ➔ Barcode Graphics Generator
  • Incorporates custom-developed, finely-tuned algorithms for creating high-quality vector and raster graphics (PDF, EPS, PNG, etc.)
  • Ideal for EAN and ISBN, complying with standard sizes SC0-SC9 as per official specifications, with an integrated OCR-B font for the plain text line
  • Offers easy graphic transfer to Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CorelDRAW, etc., via Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop
  • Can be pinned in a compact format in a corner of the screen, allowing convenient parallel use with other applications
  • Optionally adjusts barcode bars to a specified resolution
  • Generates PDF graphics in compliance with the standards PDF/X-1a:2001 (CMYK/print) and PDF/X-3:2002 (RGB), ensuring accurate color printing
  • Enables the generation of multiple barcodes at once from a list of numbers (batch mode)
  • Includes an integrated function for generating serial numbers
  • Fully supports Code 128, GS1/EAN-128, as well as all common 1D barcodes
  • Allows precise definition of barcode and background colors on the commonly used scale 0-100 (CMYK) or 0-255 (RGB)
  • Offers extensive configurability of the barcode graphic, including size, font, and optionally transparent background, among other features
Barcode-Lib4J ➔ Barcode-Lib4J – Free Java Library
Quick JavaDoc Links:

Create 1D Barcodes
Create 2D Codes
Write Barcodes to Image Files