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Generating EAN-128 / GS1-128 Barcode

This guide explains the basic structure of data within GS1-128 (EAN-128) and also demonstrates how to create and save barcode graphics using our Barcode Generator.

Understanding the GS1 Number Structure

Every GS1 number comprises one or more consecutive pairs of AIs (Application Identifiers) and data elements. AIs are numeric values that define the meaning of the associated data. In GS1-128 barcodes, AIs are always enclosed in parentheses:

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In the example above, as per the table (see below), a 14-digit GTIN (AI 01) is followed by a 6-digit expiration date (AI 15) in the YYMMDD format.

Entering the GS1 Number

Our barcode software allows you to input a GS1 number with or without parentheses. For instance, the number from the above example can be entered in either of these formats:
Variant 1: (01)01234567890128(15)191231
Variant 2: 010123456789012815191231
The software automatically adds any missing parentheses to correctly display the GS1 number as plain text.

Entering Variable-Length Data

In the example above, both AIs (as per the table) prescribe fixed lengths for the data elements (14 and 6 characters, respectively). In contrast, AIs with variable-length data require explicit markers to signal where one AI-data pair ends and the next one begins. This is achieved using the FNC1 special character. (Our barcode software includes a "Insert Special Character" function for this purpose.)
For example:
Or without parentheses:
Explanation: According to the table, AI 30 does not have a fixed data length but can vary between 1 and 8 characters. Consequently, the FNC1 character marks the end of the data element.

Tip: If possible, place AIs with variable-length data at the end of the GS1 number. This eliminates the need for the FNC1 separator, saving a small amount of space on the label.

Check Digit for SSCC and GTIN

AI 00 (SSCC) and AI 01 (GTIN) and AI 02 (GTIN) are the most frequently used elements within GS1 numbers. A crucial requirement is that SSCC and GTIN must each end with a check digit. If the check digit is already included within the number, our barcode software will automatically verify it. Alternatively, if you prefer, our software can calculate and insert the check digit for you. In this case, simply use a # character as a placeholder for the check digit:

Table Explanations

1. In the Format column, "N" signifies numeric values, and "X" signifies alphanumeric values (along with various other characters). A double dot (..) indicates that the values can be of variable length. For example, "N..6" represents a numeric value with a maximum length of 6 characters. "N6," on the other hand, specifies a numeric value that must be exactly 6 characters long.

2. AIs ending with an "x" are primarily intended for fractional values. The fractional part is encoded without a decimal point, and the position of the decimal point is represented by the "x" in the AI.

Table of All Available AIs in the GS1 System

AIDescriptionFormatRequired delimiter
00Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)N18-
01Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)N14-
02GTIN of contained trade itemsN14-
10Batch or lot numberX..20FNC1
11Production date (YYMMDD)N6-
12Due date (YYMMDD)N6-
13Packaging date (YYMMDD)N6-
15Best before date (YYMMDD)N6-
16Sell by date (YYMMDD)N6-
17Expiration date (YYMMDD)N6-
20Internal product variantN2-
21Serial numberX..20FNC1
22Consumer product variantX..20FNC1
235Third Party Controlled, Serialised Extension of GTIN (TPX)X..28FNC1
240Additional product identification assigned by the manufacturerX..30FNC1
241Customer part numberX..30FNC1
242Made-to-Order variation numberN..6FNC1
243Packaging component numberX..20FNC1
250Secondary serial numberX..30FNC1
251Reference to source entityX..30FNC1
253Global Document Type Identifier (GDTI)N13+X..17FNC1
254GLN extension componentX..20FNC1
255Global Coupon Number (GCN)N13+N..12FNC1
30Variable count of items (variable measure trade item)N..8FNC1
310xNet weight, kilograms (variable measure trade item)N6-
311xLength or first dimension, metres (variable measure trade item)N6-
312xWidth, diameter, or second dimension, metres (variable measure trade item)N6-
313xDepth, thickness, height, or third dimension, metres (variable measure trade item)N6-
314xArea, square metres (variable measure trade item)N6-
315xNet volume, litres (variable measure trade item)N6-
316xNet volume, cubic metres (variable measure trade item)N6-
320xNet weight, pounds (variable measure trade item)N6-
321xLength or first dimension, inches (variable measure trade item)N6-
322xLength or first dimension, feet (variable measure trade item)N6-
323xLength or first dimension, yards (variable measure trade item)N6-
324xWidth, diameter, or second dimension, inches (variable measure trade item)N6-
325xWidth, diameter, or second dimension, feet (variable measure trade item)N6-
326xWidth, diameter, or second dimension, yards (variable measure trade item)N6-
327xDepth, thickness, height, or third dimension, inches (variable measure trade item)N6-
328xDepth, thickness, height, or third dimension, feet (variable measure trade item)N6-
329xDepth, thickness, height, or third dimension, yards (variable measure trade item)N6-
330xLogistic weight, kilogramsN6-
331xLength or first dimension, metresN6-
332xWidth, diameter, or second dimension, metresN6-
333xDepth, thickness, height, or third dimension, metresN6-
334xArea, square metresN6-
335xLogistic volume, litresN6-
336xLogistic volume, cubic metresN6-
337xKilograms per square metreN6-
340xLogistic weight, poundsN6-
341xLength or first dimension, inchesN6-
342xLength or first dimension, feetN6-
343xLength or first dimension, yardsN6-
344xWidth, diameter, or second dimension, inchesN6-
345xWidth, diameter, or second dimension, feetN6-
346xWidth, diameter, or second dimension, yardN6-
347xDepth, thickness, height, or third dimension, inchesN6-
348xDepth, thickness, height, or third dimension, feetN6-
349xDepth, thickness, height, or third dimension, yardsN6-
350xArea, square inches (variable measure trade item)N6-
351xArea, square feet (variable measure trade item)N6-
352xArea, square yards (variable measure trade item)N6-
353xArea, square inchesN6-
354xArea, square feetN6-
355xArea, square yardsN6-
356xNet weight, troy ounces (variable measure trade item)N6-
357xNet weight (or volume), ounces (variable measure trade item)N6-
360xNet volume, quarts (variable measure trade item)N6-
361xNet volume, gallons U.S. (variable measure trade item)N6-
362xLogistic volume, quartsN6-
363xLogistic volume, gallons U.S.N6-
364xNet volume, cubic inches (variable measure trade item)N6-
365xNet volume, cubic feet (variable measure trade item)N6-
366xNet volume, cubic yards (variable measure trade item)N6-
367xLogistic volume, cubic inchesN6-
368xLogistic volume, cubic feetN6-
369xLogistic volume, cubic yardsN6-
37Count of trade items or trade item pieces contained in a logistic unitN..8FNC1
390xApplicable amount payable or Coupon value, local currencyN..15FNC1
391xApplicable amount payable with ISO currency codeN3+N..15FNC1
392xApplicable amount payable, single monetary area (variable measure trade item)N..15FNC1
393xApplicable amount payable with ISO currency code (variable measure trade item)N3+N..15FNC1
394xPercentage discount of a couponN4-
400Customers purchase order numberX..30FNC1
401Global Identification Number for Consignment (GINC)X..30FNC1
402Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN)N17-
403Routing codeX..30FNC1
410Ship to - Deliver to Global Location NumberN13-
411Bill to - Invoice to Global Location NumberN13-
412Purchased from Global Location NumberN13-
413Ship for - Deliver for - Forward to Global Location NumberN13-
414Identification of a physical location - Global Location NumberN13-
415Global Location Number of the invoicing partyN13-
416GLN of the production or service locationN13-
417Party GLNN13-
420Ship to - Deliver to postal code within a single postal authorityX..20FNC1
421Ship to - Deliver to postal code with ISO country codeN3+X..9FNC1
422Country of origin of a trade itemN3-
423Country of initial processingN3+N..12FNC1
424Country of processingN3-
425Country of disassemblyN3+N..12FNC1
426Country covering full process chainN3-
427Country subdivision Of originX..3FNC1
7001NATO Stock Number (NSN)N13-
7002UN/ECE meat carcasses and cuts classificationX..30FNC1
7003Expiration date and timeN10-
7004Active potencyN..4FNC1
7005Catch areaX..12FNC1
7006First freeze dateN6-
7007Harvest dateN6..12FNC1
7008Species for fishery purposesX..3FNC1
7009Fishing gear typeX..10FNC1
7010Production methodX..2FNC1
7020Refurbishment lot IDX..20FNC1
7021Functional statusX..20FNC1
7022Revision statusX..20FNC1
7023Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI) of an assemblyX..30FNC1
703xNumber of processor with ISO Country CodeN3+X..27FNC1
7040GS1 UIC with Extension 1 and Importer indexN1+X3-
710National Healthcare Reimbursement Number (NHRN) - Germany PZNX..20FNC1
711National Healthcare Reimbursement Number (NHRN) - France CIPX..20FNC1
712National Healthcare Reimbursement Number (NHRN) - Spain CNX..20FNC1
713National Healthcare Reimbursement Number (NHRN) - Brasil DRNX..20FNC1
714National Healthcare Reimbursement Number (NHRN) - Portugal AIMX..20FNC1
723xCertification referenceX2+X..28FNC1
7240Protocol IDX..20FNC1
8001Roll products (width, length, core diameter, direction, splices)N14-
8002Cellular mobile telephone identifierX..20FNC1
8003Global Returnable Asset Identifier (GRAI)N14+X..16FNC1
8004Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI)X..30FNC1
8005Price per unit of measureN6-
8006Identification of an individual trade item pieceN14+N2+N2FNC1
8007International Bank Account Number (IBAN)X..34FNC1
8008Date and time of productionN8+N..4FNC1
8009Optically Readable Sensor IndicatorX..50FNC1
8010Component/Part Identifier (CPID)Y..30FNC1
8011Component/Part Identifier serial number (CPID SERIAL)N..12FNC1
8012Software versionX..20FNC1
8013Global Model Number (GMN)X..30FNC1
8017Global Service Relation Number to identify the relationship between an organisation offering services and the provider of servicesN18-
8018Global Service Relation Number to identify the relationship between an organisation offering services and the recipient of servicesN18-
8019Service Relation Instance Number (SRIN)N..10FNC1
8020Payment slip reference numberX..25FNC1
8026Identification of pieces of a trade item (ITIP) contained in a logistic unitN14+N2+N2FNC1
8110Coupon code identification for use in North AmericaX..70FNC1
8111Loyalty points of a couponN4-
8112Paperless coupon code identification for use in North AmericaX..70FNC1
8200Extended Packaging URLX..70FNC1
90Information mutually agreed between trading partnersX..30FNC1
91Company internal informationX..90FNC1
92Company internal informationX..90FNC1
93Company internal informationX..90FNC1
94Company internal informationX..90FNC1
95Company internal informationX..90FNC1
96Company internal informationX..90FNC1
97Company internal informationX..90FNC1
98Company internal informationX..90FNC1
99Company internal informationX..90FNC1